Passage of migrants causes environmental damage to national park

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The passage of migrants through the Darién National Park with the aim of reaching the United States has its environmental effects says The Ministry of the Environment (Miambiente), which details that the greatest impact on biodiversity is reflected in pollution since many of the migrants leave part of their luggage, clothing, personal items that later become garbage.

"All of this is sanitary damage, which affects the ecological integrity of the Darién National Park," said Víctor Cadavid, national director of Forestal de Miambiente.

He added that the undergrowth is what is currently being cut, since the migrants need to widen the trail.

The undergrowth is the herbaceous or vegetable part that is less than 5 meters, which when we see it from a satellite image, deforestation is not observed, he explained.

Favio Gómez, head of the Darién National Park, emphasized that another problem is hunting since many are forced to extract animals from the natural environment as a method of subsistence after many days inside the forest.

He argued that in the place there are some important bird species such as the harpy eagle, the macaw, and the blue, yellow, and green macaw, among others.

The Darién National Park, the largest protected area in Panama and Central America, was declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) in 1981, and in 1983 it was recognized worldwide as a Biosphere Reserve by the Unesco Man and Biodiversity program.



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