Panama gets $200 million towards  climate change  project

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Panama’s participation in the Climate Change Summit of 2019, which took place in Madrid,  has resulted in technical assistance plans worth millions of dollars said the Ministry of the Environment (MiAmbiente) on Wednesday, February 5 during a presentation on the results of the December summit. Attended by delegates from 200 countries

One of the projects was achieved with Euroclimate, for $200 million, which will be invested in the modernization of national climate change policies.

The funds will also be used in the development of the draft framework law in Panama on climate change.


Comments 3


$200 into the pockets of a certain CLASS, not one dime to plant a tree, save one pail of water,, pick up one sackful of trash thrown into our rivers or forests (what is left of them). The Museum of Biodiversity on the Amador Causeway and some other entities are working to educate the children about the urgency of Climate Control, Conservation, Protecting our resources, picking up our trash, stop throwing trash on the streets and fields. The rich will get richer from this grant and the rest of us will be overwhelmed with their trash.

6 months ago

$200 million, invested in the modernization of national climate change policies? This already stinks of corruption. School children on the internet can research effective climate change policies for $0, and so can MiAmbiente. In fact, if they haven't done this already, what do they do? Sit and wring their hands, hoping for divine intervention? Results require applying the already proven methods for restoration, reclamation, and sustainability. Panama's problem isn't the result of lack of research, it's the lack of implementing research. That same $200M could plant a lot of trees to replace the ones taken without complying with current law, that each one be replaced.

6 months ago

$200m to draft laws ...seems very vague. Wonder where that will end up. My green attempt to install solar cells was rejected by local “authorities” . Approval would have aided Panama contribution to climate change more so than $200m to draft legislation.

6 months ago
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