High Temperatures and Fires

1,321Views 0Comments Posted 30/03/2024

Caution: A surveillance notice about the spread of fires and high temperatures has been issued in the last 24 hours. NASA's satellite fire monitoring system has shown abundant hot spots in large fire zones in the Pacific sector and the Caribbean, which has put the country's authorities on alert. That is why the Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology of Panama (IMHPA) issued a surveillance notice for the generation and spread of fires that came into effect as of Friday, March 29 and will extend until Tuesday, April 2.
The current atmospheric conditions generated by winds, dry soil, high temperatures, solar radiation, low humidity in the air and other factors provide a favorable environment for greater spread and generation of fires, whether of plant mass or structures, quickly. Likewise, throughout the weekend, winds with sustained speeds are expected that could reach maximum speeds of 60 km/h. In the mountainous sectors, wind gusts will be 65 km/h or more. It is important that drivers and the general population take caution due to possible falling trees and loosening of poorly installed or damaged objects.

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