ENVIRONMENT: Cleanup volunteers face citizen apathy

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Despite new laws,  information programs and the efforts of thousands of volunteers, the results of the XXVIII annual cleaning of beaches, coasts and rivers leave the organizers fighting citizen apathy.

“The behavior of citizens is not changing in spite of the information provided. The message has not registered.

The work of volunteers with citizen responsibility is not being supported,” according to Promar, organizers of the activity.

This year, 4, 406 volunteers were mobilized in 54 cleaning points throughout the country and 44% of the sites, show “alarming” results.

65.5 tons of garbage were collected, of which 41 tons were in the capital city and 83% of the waste was non-biodegradable plastic

More than 150,000 varied items were removed from the different tributaries

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I agree with Eugenie. Enforcement with penalties is required to change behavior.

8 months ago

no one cared about impaired vehicles on the highway until we got safety inspections. no one cared about speeding until tickets were given and fines assessed. no one cared about leaking water pipes until meters were installed and assessments made for water taken. as long as people believe they can chose not to accept responsibility, they won't. people who litter, adults and children, must be ticketed and required to pick up the garbage of others. that's how we learn.

8 months ago
me myself and i

If you are not taught when you are small to care, why should you care when you are older. Someone else is always there to do it for you. God help this "me" generation.

8 months ago
Virgil E Eaves Jr


8 months ago

No one cares about apathy

8 months ago
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