Community volunteer program launched in midst of pandemic

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More than 50 volunteers from Tablas Abajo, observing biosecurity measures, cleaned beaches on Sunday as part of the launch community volunteer program of the Ministry of Social Development (Mides) .

The group carried out a day of cleaning the beaches in La Colorá, as well as cleaning, painting, organizing, and setting up a reading room at the Benilda Céspedes school, for the use of the students and the community of Tablas Abajo.

The Minister of Social Development, María Inés Castillo de Sanmartín, said that it is of great value that the community feels part of the solution of its own needs.

Daniel Gómez Nates, Director of the National Volunteer Service of Mides, said that thework will be replicated in five communities in the province of Herrera, starting in Soná, and with a projection to be carried out throughout the country.

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It would be great if this would catch on nationwide. Tablas Abajo was designated a red zone by police because of crime. The problem is it will just take a few days and all the trash will be on the streets and ditches again. Panama needs chain gangs of prisoners who are made to pick up trash and clean out storm drains to help stop flooding. They could also be used to clean the beaches especially the many broken glass bottles waiting for unsuspecting feet.

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