Prince William in Happier Times with Jon Bon Jovi & Taylor Swift

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King Charles’ former butler, Grant Harrold reportedly has a lot to say about Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis and the effect its had on Prince William.  He weighed in on everything during a candid interview.  There, he touched on the ‘miracle’ that is Prince William’s coping skills and even went as far as to hail the royal for the way he’s been handling the future Queen’s cancer treatment.  Mr Harrold began everything by saying, “For any human being to have a family member going through this is scary in itself.”  After all, “William lost his mother [Princess Diana] at a young age, his father who has just become King, which he’ll have been thrilled about, is battling cancer and his wife, who is his soulmate, his best friend and his partner, is also now dealing with cancer.”  “William is still a senior member of the royal family and he’s still got to carry on with his duties.”  Before concluding he also added, “You talk about mental health and how the royal family supports mental health — it’s a miracle that William is still functioning.”