The Mayor of San Miguelito, Panama is Irma Hernández

983Views 0Comments Posted 03/07/2024

Tuesday July 2 the handover of leadership in local governments nationwide took place. Mayors and elected representatives took office with the challenge of being able to meet campaign promises and fulfill the electorate's expectations.  Among the most anticipated inaugurations was for the new and young mayor of San Miguelito, Irma Hernández. The guests were invited to what is commonly called in Panama, a 'costume party' (pot luck in North America) since each person arrived with a dish to share.  Irma Hernández took office from the auditorium of the Pureza de María School, where she graduated. 

San Miguelito, with its nine districts and a total population of 280,777, faces significant social challenges such as high levels of poverty, insecurity, inadequate waste management, lack of public spaces and poor urban planning.  For this year, a budget of $42 million was approved within the Municipality of San Miguelito, $7.4 million higher than that of 2023 ($34.6 million). It includes figures such as $100 thousand for donations to individuals, $200 thousand for food and a consultancy for $800 thousand, which will be paid with funds from the Treasury Department.