President José Raúl Mulino Warns About Raising Salaries

1,342Views 0Comments Posted 10/07/2024

President José Raúl Mulino said Wednesday July 10, that he will take legal action against interim directors who raise salaries.  Mulino recalled in his X account that while the National Assembly ratifies the officials nominated by him, the interim directors and administrators “should not be increasing salaries.”  He added that these salary increases are not justified and should not be made indiscriminately.  “I will take legal action to stop this abuse,” Mulino stressed, while telling them “to understand that your government is over.”  This is not the first time that Mulino has issued a warning regarding the collection of wages or the payment of compensation. 


'I will take legal action to stop this abuse,' Mulino stressed.  On June 24, Mulino spoke out against the alleged mutual agreements approved by the Board of Directors of the Electric Transmission Company, SA (Etesa).  “Don't come to me with the legality of the self-gifts in Etesa.  That is immoral and abusive.  He is playing smart with the people's money, it is not right,” Mulino wrote on his X account.  The president indicated that he will not allow expired or outgoing boards of directors to hold meetings to approve last-minute matters that they have not done in five years.