Panama Huawei  customers will still get updates says ACODECO

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Panama users of Huawei smartphones  "will continue to receive updates and security patches from Google Play." reports the  Consumer Protection Authority (Acodeco) after meetings with Panama’ representatives of the world’s second-biggest marketer  of cell phones’


Acodeco and the representatives of Huawei Technologies Co., LTD met on   Friday May 31 at the request of the entity, to discover the consequences in Panama of the United States sanctions against the Chinese company.

According to the representatives of Huawei, the technological equipment currently on sale, those already sold and those in the inventory of existing models, will not have problems with updates on Google Play.

They added that their response is based on the statement issued by Android, which is developed by the company Google.

Members of Huawei's Marketing management reported that a media campaign is underway, soon to be disseminated in Panama, to expand information for consumers and corporate clients, as a measure to mitigate misinformation.

Acodeco,  suggested to the representatives to enable a line of direct communication so that their clients can obtain answers to the concerns or doubts that may arise.

The United States last month May included Huawei in a list of suspicious companies to which American groups cannot sell technological material.



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