Business Chamber calls for clientism-free  election  campaigns

984Views 0Comments Posted 28/01/2024


With the start of the campaigns for Panama’s general elections on May 5, the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (Cciap) called on Sunday for all candidates to participate in an electoral process focused on concrete proposals and solutions, completely removed from "clientelist practices" and others that have characterized previous elections.

According to the Chamber, at a time when national challenges require visionary leadership, they advocate for an approach that addresses critical issues such as institutions, education, water challenges, health, employment, and entrepreneurship; fundamental aspects for economic reactivation, as well as for human and social development.

They added that citizens deserve a change not only in the traditional way of carrying out the campaign but also in focusing attention on the issues that matter for Panama's sustainable development. They highlighted that civil society and the different unions will be more attentive than ever to avoid clientelism, which does not offer real solutions with concrete execution plans.

The Cciap indicated that it will make the conclusions of its Country Agenda available to each presidential candidate. They also urged the candidates to proactively address the strengthening of government institutions, consolidating citizens' trust in the system through transparency, accountability, and respect for the laws.

In addition, they urged that they present clear strategies and concrete measures, strengthening the integrity of the State and promoting an environment conducive to investment and economic development. They also pointed out that the reactivation of the economy must occupy a central place in the candidates' proposals.