AI Beat University Students and Fooled Test Markers

1,192Views 0Comments Posted 28/06/2024

Researchers in the U.K. fooled exam markers with secretly submitted AI-generated exam answers that were given better grades than work submitted by real students.  The study was part of an effort to identify potential risks and opportunities of AI for research, teaching, learning, and assessment.  In the research, answers generated by ChatGPT, which were submitted for several undergraduate psychology modules, went undetected in 94% of cases and, on average, attained higher grades than real student submissions. Associate Professor Peter Scarfe and Professor Etienne Roesch, who led the study at Reading's School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences, said their findings should provide a “wakeup call” for educators across the world.


The biggest joke on mankind is that computers have begun asking humans to prove they aren’t a robot.


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