US cryptocurrency conviction brings shame to Panama

1,327Views 0Comments Posted 18/09/2023


The recent conviction in the United States of a businessman dedicated to obtaining billions of dollars through fraudulent cryptocurrencies, as well as his missing partner – known as the “Cryptoqueen” – has once again tarnished the image of the country, thanks to the intervention of local lawyers who provided companies and names to carry out their illegal activities.

The businessman entered the country several times in 2016; He stayed a few days and then moved to other countries in the region (Brazil, Peru, Colombia, to return to Europe and the US). Nor has there been any interest in investigating the case in Panama, as if the scandal of global proportions had nothing to do with our country or as if there were no consequences.

As if the enormous amount of money that some politicians and businessmen with bad living hide in Panama were insufficient, foreigners continue to be welcomed here to do business that later turn into scandalous episodes that only bring us shame, that bury and drag the flag and the entire country in the mud of their questionable businesses. And when criticism comes they are the first to demand respect, when they profit from shamelessness and crime. – LA PRENSA, Sep. 18.


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