The worst social and political crisis since the US invasion

1,442Views 0Comments Posted 02/11/2023


In the worst social and political crisis of the last thirty years, the Government only manages to stumble, without direction or compass. He does everything the other way around: he signed the mining contract and then called a consultation so that the people can decide if they want to repeal what they originally approved. Then the deputies, scared of the citizen reaction to the way they approved the mining contract and afraid for their electoral prospects, approved in a second debate and without measuring the consequences a bill that repeals it, placing the country at the mercy of legal processes with Potential multimillion-dollar lawsuits. Although there is no easy way out of this field of thorns, the deputies have chosen the path that undoubtedly represents the worst solution since it implies the unilateral breaking of the contract, which would force Panama to pay compensation that would cost billions of dollars. However, the Executive and Legislative, with improvised initiatives, try to get out of the hole, to abandon us in an abyss whose consequences have already been repeatedly warned, thus closing the possibilities of the Court resolving the quagmire in which they have put us through a declaration of unconstitutionality. . while they wash their hands, holding society responsible for their mistakes. We citizens must demand that once and for all the crisis we are experiencing be resolved through the only advisable means: the Supreme Court of Justice, before it is too late. – LA PRENSA, Nov. 2.

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