The consequences of  mining blockades

1,811Views 0Comments Posted 11/11/2023


While the National Police tries to clear the Inter-American Highway – scene of closures that kept the provinces of Chiriquí and Bocas del Toro isolated for weeks – it is worth wondering about the consequences of these blockades, which have even caused deaths. The economic losses have been substantial and there are also consequences for youth, deprived of receiving classes after a prolonged pandemic that left them confined at home for months, or for patients with chronic diseases who missed appointments, treatments, and medicines. Also for producers – large, medium, and small – who lost crops, money, and time invested, and for commerce, which is barely recovering from the effects of the closure due to the pandemic. The leadership of the pressure groups in recent days, despite having achieved important victories, such as the mining moratorium and unconstitutional lawsuits being filed against Law 406, have been little responsible in their latest calls. They have even attacked journalists and media, simply because they do not want the consequences of their obstinacy to be known. They do not recognize a victory either by feeling it or by explaining it.— LA PRENSA, Nov. 11.


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