Panama’s water crisis

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Never before has the water situation been so critical for the country. The legacy of decades of improvisation and environmental irresponsibility is taking our toll. The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) is looking for the most sustainable way to guarantee water for human consumption in the metropolitan area, and for the Canal operation. This is not a problem of the ACP, it is a challenge of the entire Panamanian State.

The administration of President Laurentino Cortizo must, without further delay, do what is necessary to be on the same page as the ACP in this effort If the difficult water situation for the Canal is resolved, that represents more health, more jobs and more economic activities. It seems a great contradiction that Idaan is more concerned with the tank truck business, than for definitely solving the water supply of the entire metropolitan area.

Both Idaan and the Ministry of Economy and Finance must be part of the task of keeping the Panama Canal viable. Otherwise, they will be stealing the future from Panamanians. In the end, it is a political decision. So, the question is: Are you willing to do it? -LA PRENSA,  Jan.21

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Gman Dragnet

Anyone monitoring if Canal users are filling their ballast tanks with fresh water for resale? Any assistance provided by the USA for this cause will require USA oversight to prevent abuse. The government is doing nothing about deforestation. This abuse continues !

1 month ago

The ACP is wasting it's time looking for answers to the water problems. The answers are the same ones that have been ignored, dismissed, and overlooked for decades. 1) The forests that create the environment for rainfall, must be enhanced and protected. Their canopies and shade provide lower plants with root systems that capture and hold water, rather than letting it drain away or evaporate. Shaded valleys and ditches allow water time to soak into soil, recharging aquifers. While there are frequent stories about the lack of water, i recall only one, about a reforestation project, held on 1 day. Trees are cut and stolen every day. Trees are cut and wasted every day, but trees are never cut and replaced. Stop the stupid hand wringing and looking for answers. Do what has always been known to work. Enforce the environmental laws protecting and restoring forests. 2) Another known fact, is that allowing water to be managed for a profit, will never benefit the people in need of water. The water system in Panama is pathetically wasteful, chaotic, inefficient, and unreliable. How could it be possible that a not-for-profit agency cannot manage The People's water better than Idaan? Look at what they've given us and if you don't feel critical, then you can barely expect water. 3) Require water conservation! The passive waste of leaking pipes and fixtures, is a very significant impact. So is the inappropriate use of water. Hoses left running water down the street, washing sidewalks that could be swept, the daily washing of cars on sales lots, or even leaving the water running in the sink while you brush your teeth, are all sources of waste. Capture and reuse water from showers, sinks, and wash machines, to water yards and flush toilets. Sustainable practices prevent waste, and need to be required. 4) Water conservation is essential for the well-being of us all. If The People do not understand or comply, the police, who are here to protect and serve, must be required to protect the public interests. They must guard the forests, oversee required reforestation, disseminate needed information to businesses and neighborhoods, and prevent waste. When these measures have been taken, water in the canal will have the best possible chance we can provide, for being adequate.

1 month ago
George Klk

Panama | Lake Gatun Re-supply of Fresh Water...Solution: Global oil supply pipe lines and ship transfers and fracking. Global water supply pipe lines and...not realized<> Panama International Maritime Commercial Trade requiers [… water supply pipe lines and ...]. Alaska glaciers of fresh water...melting into the oceans causing rising sea levels...Panama needs it. Panama invested $billions for their new canal expansion...Gatun Lake low water level? Two helicopters can transport tanks of fresh water to Gatun Lake to raise water levels. Facts: 1. Alaska fresh water is available...melting into the oceans causing sea level rise. 2. Alaska fresh water is safe for transportation through pipe lines. 3. Alaska fresh water is low cost comparable to oil pipe lines. 4. Ship transits, railways and helicopters can transport water during construction interim. 5. Two helicopters per tank can transport significant tanks of water. 6. International cooperation can help Panama reduce cost for their benefit and stake. 7. Panama old canals should be replace for large transport container shipments with justified profit margins for shutting down old canals. 8. Panama new fourth set of locks completion will allow the time needed for the third set of locks to be paid for. 9. The old Bridge of the Americas should be replaced to make way for higher clearance container ships. 10. Fresh Alaska water will be available for years before sea water is mixed. The U.S. military can perform the operation as...Panama Just Cause or other. The U.S. military can perform the operation as another training exercise. The U.S. military can perform various operations during the construction interim. The U.S. military operations can reduce the cost to Panama and International Maritime Trade industry. The United State transported specialized water to Japan during its nuclear reactor explosion! The U.S. must recognize the fate of Panama will effect the U.S. and global economic communities.

1 month ago
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