Panama’s caricature of democracy

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"I am not going to resign”, the director of the Social Security Fund (CSS) spoke so bluntly and clearly, under whose management a variety of irregularities have occurred, the latest related to the theft of almost 20,000 doses of fentanyl. He said it after speaking publicly and privately with the President of the Republic, who did not show discomfort of any kind. This is how we received confirmation that impudence is the currency in this government and that the current guest at the Palacio de las Garzas does not show the slightest respect for the dignity of the position he occupies. He has made the Palace from where he rules a nauseating cave, into which all kinds of political specimens can enter, especially those who are more devoted to money than to the people who pay them their salaries and whom they are supposed to serve. The president's attitude opens the doors so that, in the immediate future, more subjects like the official in question will do the unthinkable because he already knows that the man on the stool is not going to interfere, not even to ask for explanations. His government will be remembered as a complete disaster, in which the institutions of control were dismantled to turn the country into the ridiculous caricature of democracy that we are today. What a legacy to be proud of!  - Hoy por hoy, LA PRENSA, Mar. 25.


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