Panama burns as politicians seek sympathy

1,452Views 0Comments Posted 01/11/2023


The deputies feel citizen pressure. On Monday they did nothing more than apologize – late, because they had the opportunity to reject the mining contract-law – but they even mocked, as did representative Cenobia Vargas (PRD), those who opposed it. Now, when they see their re-election in danger, once again they do what is best for them. The deputies, in addition to discussing the project sent by the Executive to establish a mining moratorium, added an article that repeals the mining contract. Moments later, in another legislative commission, the call for a citizen consultation was approved to decide the fate of the same contract. And not to mention the presidential candidates, whose proposals are just as absurd or more absurd because they only seek to gain sympathy, no matter what the cost. Everyone is trying to save their pathetic political careers, and in totally uncoordinated actions without any analysis, they want to fix a problem that none of their supposed solutions can do without causing serious damage to the country. They are so inept that they cannot see that, by putting out a fire, they will set the entire country on fire. Once again they have shown how little they care about the fate of an entire nation. – LA PRENSA, Nov. 1.




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