OPINION: When a defense team includes doctors

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The relapses of former President Ricardo Martinelli, due to alleged illnesses, do not seem to be coincidences. Rather, they reveal a pattern, as they appear to be perfectly in sync with the trial dates of his legal proceedings. Every time the ex-governor must attend a hearing, there is never a lack of ailment, surgery, or a medical certificate, with the vague intention of absenting himself from the trials and thus delaying his legal proceedings. It seems that his defense team is made up not only of lawyers but also of doctors, willing to swear that this defendant is about to travel to the afterlife if he is ever forced to go before a judge. The Judicial Branch has been flexible, generous, and accommodating with this subject who, when he does not have a trial on the agenda, jumps, dances, sings, and parties like few others. His attitude is clearly a challenge to judges, magistrates, prosecutors and the entire country, who endure these behaviors without someone putting an end to so many abuses. And Martinelli, moreover, does not hide anything: the mockery is in plain sight since he has no problem boasting about his stage performances on social networks. And if it's true that his health is so compromised, he shouldn't even consider running for a position that demands such dedication and commitment.  - LA PRENSA, May, 19.




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