OPINION: Victims of uncontrollable greed

639Views 0Comments Posted 04/02/2024

The electoral campaign formally began yesterday, Saturday. Now, candidates can seek votes to achieve the positions they aspire to. But it is not only about them being able to seek votes but voters, based on their proposals, can choose the best for their communities and for the country. With the recent events that, by constitutional mandate, prevent one of the candidates from running, we will surely see new and darker bedroom agreements. The important thing is to be clear that if a candidate offers something more than balanced, well-thought-out proposals in line with the reality of our country, what he seeks is to occupy a public office to enrich himself at the expense of public money or to pay unspeakable favors.  La Prensa will publish reliable surveys that represent photos of the moment in which they are carried out and that, although they are not voting manuals, deserve to be analyzed in depth by voters. Next May 5, our vote must be exercised conscientiously and not in favor of the friend, the co-partisan or the one who offers blocks for votes. Those have already made us victims of their uncontrollable greed – LA PRENSA, Feb. 4.