OPINION: Living in the land of the crazy

1,081Views 0Comments Posted 30/11/2023


Nothing this Government does seems to obey logic, not even common sense. This month, marked by serious economic, financial, and political problems and endless street closures – in which the National Police played a role that was less than that of a stone statue – the Government has authorized salary increases for almost 6,500 agents of this body. These are promotions that include almost 1,500 officers, from commissioners to lieutenants. Security has not improved much, because we still have the usual problems, but the Police officers, responsible for citizen security policies, are rewarded with undeserved increases. The worst thing is that they will be done when we are in debt like never before, and just when we are about to lose our qualifications due to the fiscal disorder that reigns in this Government. There is no money to increase pensions or for medicine or for schools, but there is for special retirements above $5000 and $6,000 per month. The Government lives in the world of the crazy. We are governed by a train without a compass or objectives. They're just sitting around enjoying the absurdity. – LA PRENSA, Nov. 30.