Luxury cars vs archaeological research

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Much enthusiasm has aroused the discovery of the vestiges of the third version of the castle of San Lorenzo El Real Chagres and the remains of an 18th-century church located near the site. These are findings that will enrich our Panamanian identity since they will tell us a lot about the Panama of those days. And although initiatives like this have the financial support of Senacyt, it is more common for our rulers not to see or measure the importance of these discoveries, allocating money to really trivial matters, which are far from the education and culture they should have. On too many occasions, we have seen Panamanian archaeologists complain about the lack of support from the government, but it does not hesitate one bit to allocate millions to rent luxury cars instead of financing archaeological and scientific research. What is worse, they do not see the enormous tourist potential that other latitudes give to these vestiges and which are a source of incalculable income. Hopefully, other institutions of this government can appreciate the historical value of these achievements and their potential as a source of tourist income. – LA PRENSA, Jan. 19.