“Follow the Money” in Panama

Capira Deputy Yanibel Abrego.

1,543Views 0Comments Posted 17/05/2023


In the movie, All the President's Men, which dramatizes the Watergate scandal, the phrase "Follow the money" is attributed to the famous secret source "Deep Throat" by journalists from The Washington Post. And indeed, to know the truth, you have to know the origin and destination of the money. When examining the programs of the National Decentralization Authority, it stands out that, regardless of the procedure mandated by law, this institution diverted tens of millions of dollars, creating a "parallel decentralization" for those close to the Government. Following the money from “parallel decentralization” is revealing. For example, the communal boards of Capira (West Panama) have received millions, at a time when the internal elections of Cambio Democrático (CD) are being held and in which the deputy of that district is participating. On paper, she is from the opposition, but the money says otherwise. In her political fiefdom, there are 11 communal boards and eight are from her party. Just last March, “parallel decentralization” gave it $2.5 million, equivalent to 75% of all disbursements those boards received in the last three years. Money tells us with whom the fidelity of this deputy really is. - LA PRENSA, May, 17.


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