Ricardo Martinelli, has to serve 10 years jail time.

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In recent times, our country has witnessed a phenomenon that, although unfortunate, marks a before and after in our contemporary history: significant progress in the fight against corruption. The case of Ricardo Martinelli has not only exposed the depths of corruption at the highest levels of power but has also served as a symbol of the great problem that this scourge represents for our society.

However, beyond the names and faces of those involved, what truly deserves our attention is the institutional progress these cases represent. They are a reflection of a country that, despite adversity, seeks to grow and strengthen its democratic foundations. This approach to institutionality and justice demonstrates that we are experiencing a crucial turning point.

The condemnation of previously untouchable figures is not an end in itself, but a means to emphasize that our institutions are beginning to function as they should. These cases are evidence that, although the path toward solid and transparent institutions is long and complex, there are tangible advances to celebrate. Corruption, a plague that has undermined development and confidence in the system, is being confronted with courage and determination.

It is imperative that, as a society, we recognize and support these advances. There will always be corruption, but the most important thing is to ensure that our institutions are robust, fair and effective. The true victory lies in consolidating a rule of law where corruption finds no room to thrive and where justice prevails regardless of status or power.

This moment must be seen not only as a victory against corrupt individuals but as a move towards a future in which integrity and responsibility are the pillars of our society. We must continue to support and demand reforms that strengthen our institutions, ensuring that this turning point becomes a path of no return towards a stronger and more transparent democracy.

The fight against corruption is long and full of challenges, but every step we take toward greater institutionality is a step toward the future we want. A future where future generations will inherit a fairer, more upright, and prosperous country  -- LA PRENSA, Feb. 3.