Teachers absence will produce zombies

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The situation of our students is critical. In this five-year period, the promised stardom of education is one of the worst fallacies of the Government and, on top of that, it has worsened, thanks to the teaching unions, who find nothing better than depriving them of classes while they are the first to say they are present in every strike, stoppage or inactivity in which they can participate while they are paid without working. They are almost the equivalent of two years out of the classroom: first, due to the pandemic; then because of last year's strike, and now because they are against the mining contract. Teachers forget that their absence in the education of our young people will produce zombies, the kind that are easy prey to lies and false promises; of those who will ignore their rights as citizens; of those who will have no future; of them will elect deputies like

the ones that have us in this mess today. There are more than 85 thousand students who run the risk of repeating at least one subject because they do not have the opportunity to make up for the missed classes. This is a crime against the future of the country, because knowing that there are alternatives to fighting, they choose those that allow them to play dominoes on tables that they use to block streets while they get paid. Unheard! – LA PRENSA, Nov. 10.