‘Incapacitated’ Martinelli wins presidential primary with only 25% turnout

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With only 25% of voter turnout former President, Ricardo Martinelli as expected, won the presidential primaries of the Realizing Goals (RM) party, that he founded and funded, on Sunday, June 4.

After 5:20 pm, the national director of the Electoral Organization, Osman Valdés, made the call to Martinelli, to inform him about the unofficial results that made him the winner as RM's presidential candidate.

Together with Martinelli, the lawyer Rubén Darío Campos,  and businessmen Francisco Ameglio and David Ochy participated as presidential candidates.

According to information from the RM party, 234,700 people were registered [until January 31, 2023] and qualified to vote.

For the primary elections, 513 schools and 655 polling stations were set up.

The results of the Electoral Tribunal reflect an electoral participation of 25%.

Around 10:30 am, former President Ricardo Martinelli arrived at his polling place at the Richard Neumann Institute, to vote.  incapacity that he took advantage of in the New Business case did not prevent him from voting.

Martinelli had a disability and even requested that the New Business trial, which ended last Friday, be rescheduled.

Despite the fact that said disability was due to an operation, the former president walked to the polling station without any inconvenience.

The New Business case is related to the alleged commission of a crime against the economic order in the form of money laundering, for the purchase of the  Panama América Publishing House (Epasa)  in 2010,  for $43.9 million.

In his speech, the former president said that they will not remove him from the race for the Presidency of the Republic.