Gas tanks arrive in Chiriqui Highlands - sold out in 15 minutes

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Escorted by agents of the National Police (PN), vehicles loaded with 25-pound cooking gas tanks arrived at dawn on Sunday, November 19, in Tierras Altas, Chiriquí, a region of the country that has been suffering highway blockages for almost a month.

Thousands of Highland residents had been queuing before dawn to get gas. The extensive queues snaked through the internal streets of the community.

The vehicles with the cargo were located in a vacant lot, under the permanent surveillance of police agents.

The mayor of Tierras Altas, Javier Pittí, said that 500 gas tanks arrived in the community, from the Panagas and Tropigas companies.

But, in less than 15 minutes they were all sold. More than a thousand families had to return to their homes with an empty gas tank.

Pittí explained that thanks to the conversations held with the indigenous groups and teachers, who remain on the roads protesting and closing the vehicular passage in rejection of the mining contract, a staggered opening of the streets has been achieved allowing the arrival of gas for use in cooking and also the output of horticultural products from the Tierras Altas district.