Downpour generates a storm of vituperate  tweets

1,155Views 0Comments Posted 05/06/2023


The flooding in Vía Argentina and Obarrio as a result of the heavy downpour on the night of Sunday, June 4, also caused a confrontation between Ricardo Martinelli, presidential candidate of Realizando Metas, and José Isabel Blandón, of the Panameñista Party.

Martinelli on his Twitter account accused Blandón of being responsible for the flooding on the Vía Argentina.” The Vía Argentina flooded by the genius of a mayor who made a joke with Odebrecht, which cost us triple what it should have been and here nobody investigated or said anything ”.He added on his Twitter account that “they also commercially destroyed said road. Who was the mayor? ".

While the former mayor of Panama and presidential candidate for Panamanista, José Isabel Blandón, responded through the same social network to Martinelli's accusations." You have to be cheeky and desperate to send a tweet like that. I imagine that the trial and the low vote yesterday have it at the tip of Tafil ”, Blandón said in his account

 In another tweet, he indicated that "everyone knows that we did works like no other mayor, without corruption scandals, and everyone knows who the most corrupt president was ."

Blandón did not miss the opportunity to lash out at the ex-president and also pointed out that “ you come out in the Odebrecht accusations, your children were the ones who confessed in the US to having laundered bribes from Odebrecht, the entire Panama City is flooded and the MOP must resolve. You were president and you did nothing to solve it”.