Deaths from traffic accidents  on the rise

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Deaths from traffic accidents in the first months of the year have escalated dramatically when compared with the same period in 2022 when until the end of February there were 39 deaths, but so far this year, 89 people have died.

According to statistics from the Traffic Operations Directorate of the National Police (DOTPN), so far this year there have been 6,356

Thus, only in the month of January 2023, there were 2,682 accidents, some 317 more than last year, and 24 deaths, while for February there were 2,398 and 52 victims .

These figures include the incident in Los Planes de Gualaca in Chiriquí, where 42 people died, mostly migrants seeking a better life in the United States or Canada.

In Panama, in the month of January, 1,317 accidents were registered out of a total of 2,682.

Later, in the South Corridor, a bus known as the “red devil” also overturned and more than 20 people were injured.

For Osiris Gatracós, from the Road Education Foundation , it would be interesting to know what the Traffic and Land Transport Authority is doing, especially the Directorate of Road Education and User Defense , with respect to traffic accidents, especially on public transport.

But it is not only the occurrences in public transport, there is also a high incidence of traffic offenses for driving under the influence of alcohol and violating speed limits, which are the causes of traffic accidents reports TVN.

So far this year, 122,097 tickets have been applied, of these 31,344 were for speeding, 2,453 for proven drunkenness and 1,343 for talking on a cell phone while driving.

According to data from the DOTPN, the main cause of death by traffic accident for this year is rollover with 44 victims

Most traffic accidents occur due to collisions (2,254 in January) and crashes (281 in January).