Carnival crowds pack Panama’s Coastal Strip

2,701Views 0Comments Posted 11/02/2024


On Sunday, February 11, the second day of Carnival 2024, a greater influx of people was recorded on the Cinta Costera, the scene of the traditional “culecos” in the Panamanian capital.

Attendees enjoyed varied musical offerings, artistic presentations, and, especially, the refreshing water provided by the tanker trucks arranged for this festivity.

The Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology of Panama issued a surveillance notice due to high thermal sensation and high temperatures in practically the entire country, valid until February 14.  The population is recommended to wear light clothing, and wide-brimmed hats, and stay well hydrated.

The four queens of the capital's carnival greeted the public who were present to enjoy these days of festivities.

According to the schedule established for this Sunday, the parade of artistic expressions and floats will begin at 6:00 pm, while the presentations on the artistic stage will last until 4:00 am