Cardinal Lacunza found in Boquete

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The Catholic Church and the National Police reported that Cardinal José Luis Lacunza who had been reported missing was found on the afternoon of February 1 in the district of Boquete, province of Chiriquí.

According to preliminary information, he was inside his vehicle, somewhat disoriented. They indicated that he is in “good” health condition.

The Police detailed that the analysis of the video surveillance cameras allowed the investigations to be directed toward Boquete.

Earlier, personnel from the Bishopric in David, Chiriquí, filed a missing person complaint because they did not know the whereabouts of Cardinal Lacunza, who had been last seen last Tuesday afternoon when he was driving a gray Nissan Xtrail vehicle.

“He went out normally, like doing an errand,” said the housekeeper who “missed” him when he did not come to say mass the next day (Wednesday).

On Tuesday, Lacunza, who is the current bishop in David, left his office, got into a vehicle, and drove away. He left his wallet and his cell phone.

One of the surveillance cameras captured his vehicle heading toward San Pablo

Archbishop Ulloa said that he had received phone calls from several bishops in the Latin American region, concerned about Lacunza's whereabouts.

Lacunza, who will turn 80 on February 24, was proclaimed cardinal by Pope Francis on February 14, 2015. In the world, there are 242 cardinals from 90 countries; Lacunza is the only one in Panama.

In different moments of crisis and social outbreaks, Lacunza has stood out as a mediator between the government and the indigenous peoples. In July and August 2022, at the Single Dialogue Table at the Cristo Redentor Center, in Penonomé, he was one of the facilitators, as a representative of the Catholic Church.