Solar Eclipse Preparations Causing a State of Emergency

879Views 0Comments Posted 03/04/2024

A state of emergency has been declared near Niagara Falls to prepare for this month’s total solar eclipse amid expectations that hundreds of thousands of tourists will visit the area. Also Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb issued a statewide emergency due to a large influx of visitors to his state to view the total solar eclipse on April 8. The Republican official said that the number of visitors to Indiana may strain the state’s communications, transportation, and emergency response systems, warranting the need for the declaration. Indiana includes some of the best locations in the United States to see the eclipse, according to a map of the path of totality.  His order noted that the eclipse “will pass directly over the state of Indiana, giving everyone in our state an incredible view of this extremely rare event.” The order stated that the last time a total solar eclipse passed over the state was in 1869. After the event on April 8, the next one is not expected to occur for about another 75 years.