Panamanian education in intensive care without oxygen

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The publication of the decree that regulates the school calendar of 2022 should "be seen as the signal to lift the shoulders of Panamanian education" says Panama’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of (Cciap) in a newsletter published Sunday, December 5.

Therefore, it must be guaranteed that "100% of students return to classrooms" and have as a priority "the needs of both infrastructure and curriculum" says the Chamber.

They would also have to focus on the academic recovery of the students, which should prioritize the areas of language, Mathematics, and Science.

The Cciap weekly newsletter also recalled that Panamanian education was, for years, a patient in intensive care. However, the decisions that were made for two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic “have left the Panamanian educational sector without oxygen and with very delicate vital signs”.

They stressed that the recent results of the Regional Comparative and Explanatory Study of 2019, as well as those of the PISA tests in 2018 "reflect the precarious situation of students in such important subjects, such as Spanish-reading, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences, recognized as priorities for the functional performance of people ”.

Meanwhile, the recently presented report Panama, tell me !, an observatory that monitors the quality of life of Panamanians, reflected that 34% of students between 4 and 5 years of age "do not receive preschool education."

In addition, in Panama, secondary education is not compulsory throughout the level, so adequate coverage levels have not yet been reached for the current parameters.

"In summary, a significant percentage neither receive the foundations of stimulation that prepare them for school life nor complete high school, which, as indicated by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean 'is crucial to acquire the basic skills to be inserted in a globalized world", Explained the Cciap.

The Chamber stated that in the meeting with President Laurentino Cortizo he emphasized his commitment to continue supporting and contributing in order to implement actions that lead to quality education for Panamanians.




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Punta Arenas

Sral. Panama will never be a tourist destination. Trash covered roads and beaches, no reliable or potable water and the worst food on the planet. The concept of service is non existent. Filthy flies all over the tables and food. The never ending covid nonsense is another turn off. Who wants to be in 95 degree heat and 100% humidity and be forced to have a diaper on their face? We spent two weeks in Cozumel at a great price. Awesome food, clean beaches, emerald water, excellent snorkeling, all inclusive with great attention. We danced the nights away and the locals seemed happy to have tourists. No masks and nobody sick. Did I mention the food? Real flavor and what a presentation. Returning to Panama was the most depressing part. My wife who's Panamanian is now more critical of her own country than any expat is. I think if more Panamanians knew that the mediocre standards they live in are not normal then maybe we would see some improvement. Ana says baby why don't we move to Mexico and my reply is sure but good luck trying to unload this house in Panama.

29 days ago
juani McCarthy

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1 month ago
Oh ya

When many of the teachers are not much smarter than the students this is what you get. But the teachers came through the same system that they are now teaching, so its like a dog chasing his own tail

1 month ago

The history of Panamá since 1849 has involved American influence. Yet this country has a very poor showing of bilingual ability, and it is supposed to be a tourist destination. If they make one improvement to the dismal education system it would be to make English proficiency mandatory. Varela tried that several years ago but his regime also was too busy looting the public funds to follow through with the plan.

1 month ago
Dave y Linda

Service sector jobs don't require much education, neither do government jobs. My desire is that they concentrate more on teaching people the importance of doing a job well. Being mediocre is a cultural norm here in Panama that never seems to change or improve.

1 month ago
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