OPINION: Time for court to rule on Soho Mall case

992Views 0Comments Posted 16/09/2022


One more step has been taken in that long legal battle between a merchant who entered the Clinton List in 2016 and who claims $1,268.7 million in alleged damages, and the National Bank of Panama (BNP), which he now accuses of having  pressured him to transfer real estate owned by him to a trust controlled by his own creditors.

Now, the Court will consider an appeal from the State that rejects the admission of the claims for compensation. And the Court's decision makes sense, if we remember that in the recent past, a “twin” lawsuit from this merchant was rejected by the Court, which is why one would have to ask why the second lawsuit was admitted.

This gentleman transferred his assets voluntarily, Therefore, there is no sense in an action by the Court that potentially endangers the country's economy and the eventual technical bankruptcy of the BNP, if it turns out that in the end such compensation has to be paid. The lawsuit has been going on for four years and the magistrates should make a decision, but once and for all, on this case that languishes in their respective offices. – LA PRENSA, Sep. 16.


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