Minera negotiations a “win-win” for Panama - Cortizo

The Minera copper, gold and silver mine in Donoso

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President Laurentino Cortizo promised on Tuesday, July 27  a “win-win," for Panama’s high-level team installed to renegotiate the contract with Minera  Panama.

On July 14, the Government announced the appointment of the team, which will be made up of the Ministers of Commerce and Industry, Ramón Martínez, who will coordinate it; Economy and Finance, Héctor Alexander; Environment, Milciades Concepción ; and of Work and Labor Development, Doris Zapata.

Completing  the team are Adolfo Ahumada, former negotiator of the Torrijos-Carter Treaties; Manuel Orestes Nieto, writer and diplomat; Daniel Esquivel , expert advisor in Geological Sciences; Ana Méndez, geologist; Marcel Salamín, former ambassador; Nils Castro, former advisor to General Omar Torrijos for International Affairs; and Roberto Ábrego, deputy president of the Trade and Economic Affairs Commission of the National Assembly.


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Oh ya

Now lets see if the government is smart enough to keep their share of the gold and silver as the metal itself and not sell it. Highly doubtful

1 month ago
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