Construction boss reaches collaboration deal in Panama bribery probe

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A former director of the Spanish construction company FCC, which is accused of distributing millions of dollars in bribes in  Panama to gain government contracts has reached a collaboration deal with the Attorney General's Office of Panama, as part of investigations against the company for alleged money laundering.

The agreement  hearing was held at the  Panamanian embassy in Spain, through a video link  giving the staff of the Panama Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office access to the testimony of the former director whose identity has not been revealed

The testimony of explains how the Panama contracts were  handled.

Panama investigates the alleged commission of crimes against public administration and money laundering, related to: Vía Brasil Section I and II, widening of Avenida Domingo Díaz, Renovation of Casco Viejo and constructing Cinta Costera III. An audit p by the Comptroller General  concluded that there was a surcharge of $41,761,011, , which is in  addition of the money for  the payment of the coima  (kickback) which would exceed $100 million

On November 22, another proceeding took place at the National Court of Spain, against FCC, for alleged corruption in international transactions and money laundering, for payment of $91 million in bribes for public contracts in Panama.

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