Chinese President Xi Jinping Congratulated José Raúl Mulino + Investment Club News

921Views 0Comments Posted 12/05/2024

Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated José Raúl Mulino saying: “I am willing to develop friendly exchanges”.  In his message, the president noted that the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Panama in June 2017 opened a new chapter in bilateral relations, which have developed rapidly to obtain fruitful results, bringing tangible benefits to the people of both countries.   Xi stressed that the establishment of diplomatic relations has proven to be in line with the core interests of both countries, and that promoting bilateral ties and adhering to the one-China principle have become a common consensus in all sectors of both societies.  China and Panama are sincere friends of mutual trust and good partners of mutual benefit, Xi said, noting that he highly appreciates the development of China-Panama ties and is willing to work with Mulino to promote friendly exchanges and guide bilateral relations in order to benefit the people of both countries.  I believe that we are going to see a lot more Chinese products in Panama such as automobiles, and with any luck, a train from Panama City to David, maybe even to the border of Costa Rica.  There may be fewer dealings with Taiwan as a result.  Mulino is all about prosperity through investment and infrastructure, so we will see where that leads Panama over the next five years. 


Our investment club will be working closely with the José Raúl Mulino group.  The investment club at Newsroom Panama now has 87 members and 30 members will be joining May 31st so we are over 100 strong.  Over the weekend we completed a number of contracts for some of these new members, contracts received and signed and investment dollars deposited.  If you haven’t joined the investment club as yet, or haven’t received our Newsletters, please apply by email at  I am sure that we have missed a few people along the way in the process so we have more time now to process requests.  It has been a busy time this past week.  Telly at Newsroom Panama