Builder of the Titanic Sinks into BankruptcyTitanic

Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast

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The famed "Harland and Wolff" shipyard in Belfast, Northern Ireland, that built the "Titanic",  and many of the warships that helped create the world’s biggest navy when Britannia still ruled the waves is no more.

For nearly  160 years H&W built cargo vessels, passenger liners, Royal Mail Ships and even tugboats, trawlers and ferries for the maritime nation that once ruled territories around the world.

During World War II  the shipyard worked round the clock building scores of corvettes and other escort vessels for use in protecting convoys in the Battle of the Atlantic, along with submarines, aircraft carriers, and other naval vessels and produced landing craft used in the D-Day landings in France.

The company founded in  1860   and once employed 30,000 men, was declared bankrupt on Monday. August 7 while its remaining 130 workers were still demonstrating and asking for government intervention to save their jobs.

 Insolvency proceeding began on Tuesday before the Belfast High Court, but the shipyard formally stopped working on Monday, after the Norwegian oil group "Dolphin Drilling", the parent company of "Harland and Wolff failed to find a buyer for the shipbuilding giant, whose huge yellow cranes have long dominated Belfast’s industrial skyline.

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