Your Morning Coffee

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Coffee is considered an energizing drink by some people. However, it is more of a stimulating drink, according to expert coffee growers and even scientists, who are dedicated to studying the properties of this grain on human health.  Even so, it is important to highlight what effects pure coffee can have on the body and what coffee with milk causes.  It is common for people to consume this drink in every corner of the world.  Just as tea is traditional in some sectors of society, coffee also represents a drink full of benefits, as long as it is consumed appropriately.  


Among the multiple formulas and recipes in which coffee is consumed, to get the most out of its benefits, elements such as milk, ice, sugar, water temperature, type of grinding and brand, must be taken into account to experience a truly exquisite drink.  Healthline, a portal specialized for health, determined that coffee manages to sharpen concentration and increases the level of energy, because it is a natural and healthy stimulant, even becoming essential for some people for their morning activities.  But for researchers at Harvard University, there are many more virtues of this drink, which, like tea, is healthy for consumption.  Coffee contains antioxidants and flavonoids, natural compounds that are necessary to eliminate free radicals and protect heart health, simultaneously strengthening the immune system.  This is true as long as you are consuming a truly good coffee, since not all commercial coffees are of high quality.   


A bad coffee might involve the improper grinding of a bean.  Being too roasted, has negative effects on the health of the consumer because the person would be ingesting coffee with carbon elements, which if consumed constantly can cause cancer in the long term.  This was determined by Santiago Patiño, an expert coffee grower from Antioquia in Colombia.  “Good, high-quality coffee should literally be brown.  The water should be 90° hot, not boiled because that burns the coffee.  If the coffee you are consuming turns black when served, this means that it is a bad bean, over-roasted and that you would be about to ingest something similar to a piece of charcoal with a coffee flavor.   There could be carcinogenic damage instead of the beneficial properties of coffee.” Santiago points out.  Additionally, scientists consider that coffee consumption, like everything else, should be moderate, since it could go from consuming beneficial properties to putting health at risk.  Regarding the consumption of coffee with milk, nutritionists mention that doing so somewhat calms the effect of caffeine on the system and that dairy enhances the supply of calcium, strengthening the bone system, the functioning of the muscles and even blood circulation.  The important thing is to do it in moderation and with a good coffee.

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