Post-covid alcohol blues

1,694Views 0Comments Posted 20/01/2023

 Although Post-covid alcohol intolerance has not been studied in depth yet, so no one knows how common it actually is, interviews with doctors, researchers, and people who are no longer able to drink alcohol suggest it’s yet another mysterious symptom that could be a side effect of the viral infection reports Newser.

After getting COVID in early 2021, “for the rest of that spring and summer, I just really, really struggled if I had one drink. I would wake up so hungover, terrible headaches, and super tired,” said Serena Quinlan, a law student in Tennessee. “It was so bizarre.”

Long COVID occurs when health problems last for weeks, months, or even years after a coronavirus infection. Alcohol intolerance, on the other hand, is generally an inherited metabolic disorder that prevents people from processing alcohol the way other people do. Some medical experts theorize that post-COVID alcohol intolerance is linked to liver damage and blood flow issues, but the condition has not been thoroughly studied yet.

Although being able to drink alcohol isn't the most earth-shattering of symptoms compared with more serious effects, experts hope understanding what’s happening could help unpack long COVID’s broader effects on the body. For now, doctors have one main piece of advice for people experiencing alcohol intolerance: Refrain from drinking

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