Election campaigners visit “pediatric time bomb”

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Ten days after hearing of yet another postponement of the reception of proposals for the construction of the new Hospital del Niño, representatives of the campaigns and some presidential candidates toured the medical center on  Wednesday, April 3. 

The project to replace the aging and cramped hospital has been on the drawing board through two presidencies.

In agreement with the hospital, the  Board of the Children's Hospital decided to open the doors of the institution to the representatives of the candidates who aspire to the Presidency Independent  

Presidential candidates Ricardo Lombana and Ana Matilde Gómez and Xenia de Ameglio (wife of Marco Ameglio) attended along with Maribel Gordón, vice-presidential candidate for the Broad Front for Democracy; Yazmín Colón de Cortizo, wife of the  PRRD presidential candidate Laurentino Cortizo; Vicky Heurtematte, wife of Rómulo Roux, CD presidential candidate and René Braccio Sáez, for the Panameñista Party.

The intention of this tour, according to a statement from the Children's Hospital, was for the aspirants to see "first-hand the current conditions of the center, their needs, as well as the urgency that exists to build a new pediatric care center".

On March 24, it was reported that the Ministry of Health changed the date for submitting bids for the construction, equipment, and maintenance of the new Hospital del Niño, the Santo Tomás Hospital maternity and adjoining areas and the restoration of the gardens and  remodeling of the La Abeja building, for the sum of $558.7 million

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As in the education system, the children of Panama need to be looked after and both areas need much attention.

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