May The Fourth Be With You - But No Booze Saturday

2,120Views 0Comments Posted 02/05/2024

On Saturday, May 4, at noon, the dry law begins for Election Day.  Stores, distributors and party centers must suspend the sale of alcoholic beverages. From noon Saturday, May 4, until noon on Monday, May 6, the sale, consumption, acquisition and gift of alcoholic beverages will be prohibited in canteens, bars, wineries, nightclubs and party halls.  All these premises where alcoholic beverages are sold must remain closed.  In the case of supermarkets, the liquor section is usually closed to apply the dry law, as part of the prohibitions prior to the opening of polls on May 5.

The Electoral Court published Decree No. 29, of May 30, 2022, which calls for the 2024 general elections and approves the regulations of the process, which includes measures such as the application of the dry law.  In accordance with the guidelines of the Electoral Tribunal, the consumption of alcohol will only be allowed to foreigners who are visiting the country for various reasons and are staying in hotels authorized for the sale of alcohol.  Private companies that manage games of chance, through license or concession, must ensure compliance with the prohibition on the consumption of alcoholic beverages during the electoral period in which the dry law applies.  Those persons or companies that violate these provisions will be subject to sanctions in accordance with article 550 of the Electoral Code, which may include fines from $100 to $1,000.

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