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Education, Health and Social Security  should be the principal focus of Panam’s next government says The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture of Panama (Cciap)

The business group said in a statement released on Sunday, April 21 that the new government administration "will have the opportunity to solve pressing national problems, such as those identified in our Country Agenda 2019-2024 ".

According to the Chamber, the country cannot wait any longer "for a transformation of its educational system", which would make possible the personal and professional fulfillment of its current and future generations.

"In that sense, and in the immediate future, the full functioning of the Permanent Multisectorial Council for the Implementation of the National Commitment for Education should be supported and strengthened, with a view to ensuring compliance with the policies and lines of action adopted in the matter, "said the  statement

The Cciap proposed creating a 'comprehensive health system' between the Ministry of Health and the Social Security Fund.

It also stressed that the operation of the Specialized Higher Technical Institute must be ensured, both with the resources that ensure its sustained operation over time, and with the equipment and human resources that guarantee excellence ".

On the issues of health and social security, the chamber stressed Cciap highlighted "the need to set up a dialogue table for the Social Security Fund (CSS), in order to know its  real financial status, with the objective of" making the necessary adjustments "

It also Similarly, the business association raised the urgent need to create "a comprehensive health system, Ministry of Health and CSS", which must have "a process of coordination and approval to achieve the goal of effective integration."

The CSS  must devote itself primarily to the Disability, Old Age and Death Program (IVM). "The CSS should divide its board of directors into a part responsible for the administrative and health provision, and the other dedicated to the IVM program," said the chamber’s proposal.

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