Panama celebrates victory over corrupt politicians

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On the day marking 202 years of separation from Spain Panamanians celebrated the decision of the nine judges of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ)  who on Tuesday, November 28, declared the unconstitutionality of the Law 406 contract between the Panamanian State and Minera Panamá.

After the announcement,  reactions were not long in coming reports TVN with one of the first to express his opinion, the plaintiff lawyer, Juan Ramón Sevillano, who presented a little over a month ago, the first legal action before the highest body of justice in the country, being resolved in their favor.

“Now there is democracy in Panama, the corrupt, politicians and businessmen are no longer going to rule. A world precedent is set, the people have ruled in this country and that is a message for other countries..." the Panamanian lawyer noted with joy.

Sevillano said that, on the fourth business day, he will present a request for the ruling to be presented to the Ministry of Commerce so that by means of a simple note the resolution is issued and the mining company is told that it is left without a contract.

The lawyer assures that "Panama has many reasons to win international arbitration", while the other 8 lawsuits presented in the CSJ remain out of court and will be archived, following the decision of the 9 magistrates.

 Martita Cornejo, another of the plaintiff lawyers, said that the first resolution was about the action of lawyer Juan."

" This struggle and decision obtained in just over a month has given results, because of the Panamanian people in the streets. The Panamanian people have risen up to guarantee our territory and sovereignty, over the political interests and corruption that betrayed our homeland, through a contract where they looked after the interests of a transnational company. I feel extremely satisfied, this is the triumph of the Panamanian people over corruption," she stated.

Cornejo highlighted that "there have been martyrs and we have them and their families present in our hearts, who put the greatest amount of pain and sacrifice for this corrupt Government that sold the country and did not listen to its nationals in the National Assembly and closed a contract behind the back of the Panamanian population".

Finally, he asked for the resignation of the Minister of Commerce. "Federico Alfaro must resign immediately, he must hand over his position because he is not taking care of the interests of Panama.

The environmentalist Raisa Banfield said "The people came out to demand the last organ [of the State] that we had left to arbitrate this. The CSJ restores the constitutional order, and the rule of law and gives us back faith in the system... Now "The Executive has to vindicate itself and play its role, because in the past there was a ruling of unconstitutionality, they sat on the ruling and renegotiated a contract and brought us where we are."

The plaintiff lawyers have already been notified about the decision of the plenary session of the CSJ, now we must wait three days for the ruling to be executed to notify the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MICI) and operations at the mine are suspended, they assured.