Panama Canal Will Increase Transits to 32 in June

795Views 0Comments Posted 15/04/2024

The Panama Canal will increase transits to 32 daily starting June 1 of this year, based on rain projections that suggest that the level of Gatun Lake, the largest of the two reservoirs managed by the Panama Canal, will recover. The announcement was made by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) in a statement sent to Newsroom Panama this afternoon, April 15 2024.  The plan is to increase transits to 36 daily by 2025.  Maersk OC1 service will be sailing through the channel once again now that life is better on the canal, making about 8 monthly transits.  If you happen to know any canal workers looking for a job, the Panama Canal needs about 2000 workers over the next five years.  Talk with our friend Ricaurte Vásquez at the Panama Canal for details on the jobs available.