World buyers register for Panama specialty coffee auction

Tasters at Best of Panama event

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SOME  86  coffee buyers from around the world have registered for the online coffee auction that will take place in Panama on June 16. Last year a batch  of  a prizewinning  Geisha coffee fetched a world  record price of over $800 a pound,

Plinio Ruíz, president of the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP) confirmed the date of the online auction and noted that 49 lots of the best coffee in Panama have already been sent, both of the Geisha variety and of the other varieties recently judged. at the Best of Panama coffee tasting where international judges gave high scores to the lots of the product of the Chiriqui mountains.

"We sent a total of 18 samples of washed geishas, ​​18 samples of geishas with the process, 2 traditional washed coffees, 8 traditional with processes and 3 samples of Pacamara coffees", said Ruiz.

He indicated that the SCAP sends the samples to to  enable the interested buyers to evaluate the product and in the auction they will be able to bid for the sample they wish to obtain.

Buyers who have shown an interest in participating in this electronic auction come from France, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, China, and Japan.



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