Venezuelan events  “a coup attempt”

VENEZUELAN Demonstrators

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Venezuela’s ambassador  to the European Union (EU), Claudia Salerno, has described  events in her country  as a coup attempt," in which the opposition  leader Juan Guaidó, self-proclaimed as interim president of the country "acts as an agent of the United States At a press conference in Brussels on Tuesday, Marh 5 ,  she stressed the "extreme incoherence of the EU", which calls for a dialogue leading to elections, but at the same time some of its members recognize Guaidó.The EU, which imposed sanctions in 2017, launched an International Contact Group (GCI) with Latin American countries to lay the groundwork for the call for a "free" presidential election in Venezuela.

The diplomat criticized the GCI for "not being balanced" between European and Latin American countries and those that support Maduro or Guaidó but said they had the "best" expectations about their work.  Regarding the call for a presidential election, Salerno said that Caracas' position is that in an eventual dialogue "no subject is taboo, no issue is off the table."

But she reiterated that "Venezuela had elections" in May 2018 and that those who voted for Nicolás Maduro then should not be ignored.

The ambassador said that "there is no humanitarian crisis", but an "economic strangulation" due to the sanctions of the United States. "The international community must know that Venezuela faces serious risks of intervention by the  United States," she added.

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