Update - Most Wanted: American, Timothy Alan Livingston

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First of all a big shout-out to Panama Mike who lived here in Panama for close to 20 years but has moved to Medellin Colombia for health reasons.  Mike was the first to send a news tip to Newsroom Panama to investigate this international story. 


President Gustavo Petro announced that the national government will ask the United States government to extradite this pedophile from the US which will serve as a warning to any other ‘Passport Bros’ who may have similar plans in their country.  The Colombian authorities led by a Judge have issued an arrest warrant for the 36 year old American from Ohio, Timothy Alan Livingston, and prepared procedures to request a blue circular from Interpol.  The American was detained by at least a dozen police officers after being found with two 12 and 13 year old girls in the Hotel Gotham in El Poblado.  


An anonymous statement from a worker at the site revealed that they found the man inside the jacuzzi with the girls.  The three were taken into custody where police also found drugs such as marijuana and ‘tusi’.  Some media outlets have called the drug tusi “Colombian pink cocaine.” Others suggested it was related to the psychedelic drug 2C-B, and gave it a derived term, “tusi.” Without solid evidence, some said it was a mixture containing various substances including fentanyl, an opioid that is now the leading cause of overdose.  Tusi, also known as “tusibi” or “pink cocaine,” is not a single substance.  Some folks say it is cocaine, methamphetamine, and LSD.  Others say Ketamine cut with tramadol.  Some folks say it’s LSD with a dash of MDMA.   All agree that it is the “Coca-Cola” of drugs.  Police also located five used condoms in the bathroom.  Tusi is pictured below:It was learned that a guarantee control judge endorsed the request of the Attorney General's Office and issued an arrest warrant after being reported by a citizen.  It is also known that the Attorney General's Office carried out an inspection at the Protective Transfer Center (CTP) and at the Aburrá Valley Police Command (Meval), as part of the investigation it is carrying out in order to establish alleged irregularities carried out by the police officers who attended the Livingston case. The control entity, through the team of the Directorate of Special Investigations (DNIE), collected documentation and heard different testimonies in order to determine if conduct with disciplinary relevance occurred during the police procedure, in which the suspect was released.


There appears to be a chain of errors that the Police made in responding to the incident that allowed the American Timothy Alan Livingston, to flee the country the next day.  They seek to clarify the reasons why the police initially detained the American citizen and later, released him without due judicialization. The commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents is a reprehensible crime that must be punished with the full weight of justice, human rights organizations, citizens and the district administration have reiterated.