UK to Deport Migrants to Costa Rica

1,232Views 0Comments Posted 16/04/2024

According to British media, the UK government plans to expand its deportation strategy and is looking to seal deals to deport migrants to several countries, including Costa Rica.  As revealed by leaked documents, Rishi Sunak is leading the efforts to replicate the controversial Rwanda scheme with several other nations.  The Rwanda Scheme was first introduced by former Prime Minister Boris Johnson in 2022. It aimed to dissuade migrants looking for asylum from coming into the UK. Anyone who arrived in Britain illegally after January 1st, 2022, would face being deported to Rwanda.  “The Partnership will see those travelling to the UK through illegal, dangerous, or unnecessary methods considered for relocation to Rwanda, where they will have their asylum claim processed,” the Home Office stated.


However, in November 2023, the UK Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the Rwanda scheme was unlawful because Rwanda was not a safe country. Its asylum system was deemed inadequate, and authorities weren’t able to provide accurate and fair asylum decisions.  New legislation is being brought forward by the government to override any legal obstacles. Yet, reports have revealed that Costa Rica, Armenia, Ivory Coast, and Botswana have engaged in negotiations with the UK to establish what is known as a “third-country asylum processing deal.”  Progress appears to have hit roadblocks, mirroring the challenges faced by the original Rwanda initiative.


The leaked documents also reveal that the UK government has considered a range of other potential destinations for deported migrants, including Paraguay, Peru, Brazil, and Ecuador. British media also showed that Morocco, Tunisia, and Namibia have explicitly declined to enter negotiations.  Additionally, nations like Cape Verde, Senegal, Tanzania, and Sierra Leone find themselves on a ‘reserve list,’ indicating they could be approached if talks with primary targets fail.  For the time being, the Costa Rican government hasn’t discussed the matter. Questions arise over the government’s involvement in negotiations over said deportation scheme.