Trudeau denies political interference in massacre investigation

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau denied Thursday that the government interfered in April 2020 in the police investigation of one of the worst massacres in the country's history to use the tragedy for political reasons.

During a press conference in Kigali (Rwanda), where he is on an official visit. Trudeau denied alleged pressure on the director of the Canadian Mounted Police(RCMP), Brenda Lucki

The Canadian prime minister stated that he never pressured Lucki and that the RCMP is the only one with the ability to determine the information that is disclosed to the public during police investigations.

Documents released in the last few hours suggest that shortly after the massacre — which occurred between April 18 and 19, 2020, when an individual dressed in a police uniform murdered 22 people in the province of Nova Scotia — Lucki promised Trudeau that the police would inform the public about the weapons used.

Handwritten notes from Nova Scotia Mounted Police Superintendent Darren Campbell indicate that Lucki and the government wanted the information published to facilitate the passage of a law restricting gun ownership.

The Nova Scotia Mounted Police had refused to release information about the weapons used by the perpetrator of the massacre, Gabriel Wortman, so as not to jeopardize the investigation into their origin.

A few days after the massacre, on April 28, 2020, the Trudeau government announced that it would ban the possession of 1,500 types of assault weapons, including those used by the killer in Nova Scotia.

The then Minister of Public Security of Canada, Bill Blair, who is now Minister of Emergencies, also denied Thursday that he pressured the Mounted Police to reveal the type of weapons used in the massacre.

Despite the denial, lawyers representing families of the murder victims said they will ask Blair to testify before the official commission investigating police action during the massacre.

The families of the victims have criticized the police action during the hours in which Wortman toured several rural towns in Nova Scotia in a fake police car shooting at his victims.

Wortman was finally killed on April 19 by two police officers, 14 hours after the first murder.


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