Teen climate activist upbraids senators

Greta Thunberg. more than a selfie image

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The teen-Swedish activist Greta Thunberg told the  Italian Senate on Thursday, April 18 that politicians congratulate her on her initiatives against climate change and then do not act,

 "Nothing is being done to stop the destruction of the climate… when I travel around the world I often meet important people who congratulate me and frankly for me it is strange because I honestly, do not know what they are happy about," said the young woman, who has become one of the world’s most prominent voices against climate change.

Before the Italian senators, who broke into applause on several occasions, she spoke of the school strikes she called every Friday around the world against climate change.

: "The young people have gone out into the street but nothing has changed," she lamented.

"We do not want to sacrifice our education, adolescence, and childhood so you can tell us that you will do what is in your hands, we manifest ourselves, not so that you do a selfie with me, but so that you can act," reproached the 16-year-old.

As she already did in the European Parliament, Sahe warned that climate change and the disasters that it entails will be irreversible in the year 2030 and argued that this forecast is based on "scientific data".

To avoid a global emergency, she said that in the first place it will be necessary to realize that it is a reality: "Human beings adapt and this is an opportunity, but we cannot delay anymore, there is no excuse," she urged.

“If you want, you can, as the arrival of man on the moon showed, the reconstruction of Europe after the Second World War or the recent fundraising to rebuild the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris, he said.

Thus, she urged to ending “put an end " to the emission of greenhouse gases,  "stopping burning the fossil fuels that destroy our ecosystem." And on the other hand, it will be necessary that politicians, in this mission, "support scientists do not  fight with them."

"They need your understanding but you do not want to listen to science because you only want to listen to solutions that allow you to continue as before, but that is not possible, the change is coming, like it or not less," she said.

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Virgil E Eaves Jr

Using a child to perpetuate a hoax is very low indeed.

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